Spiritual Retreats
Connecting with the Sacred: Christian Spiritual Retreats
Spiritual retreats are an intentional time away that allows us time and space to experience a new awareness of the presence of God, or maybe get some perspective and locate some renewed faith and sense of purpose in our spiritual life. The retreats normally begin in silence at 9am and end in fellowship at midday.
Coming Up: Saturday 23 March 2019   |   EASTER RETREAT
In today’s fast paced-world we rarely take time out to slow down and relax. If this sounds like you, please join us at our Easter Retreat.  All enquiries please contact Carolyn Handley on 0408 269 360 
Where: Manly Uniting Church      
Time: 8.30am cup of tea for 9am start (12 noon finish)
Registration: caro.ruc@gmail.com
Let’s take some time out of this busy season to slow down, reflect on this amazing story and prepare ourselves to come close to the great mystery which is Christmas.
Where: Manly Uniting Church, West Promenade   
RSVP: Contact Carolyn EMAIL: caro.ruc@gmail.com PHONE: 0408269360
Christian Meditation – Member of World Community of Christian Meditation (WCCM)
Christian meditation is central to the Christian experience and deeply rooted in the Christian tradition.  Meditation, also known as contemplative prayer, is the prayer of silence and listening. This is the aim given by the Psalmist: “Be still and know that I am God.”
Where: Manly Uniting Church
Contact person: Rev. John Barker
Phone: 0418 484 217
Christian Meditation is currently on break but please contact John to register your interest for future meeting times.
Spiritual Direction
Carolyn Handley is offering one-on-one Spiritual Direction to people who would like someone to accompany them, and help them to sense the Spirit’s working in their lives. Rev. John Barker has enthusiastically supported this ministry, as it fits with the ethos of Manly UC as a home of spirituality. 
Cost: the first session is free, then $70/hour
Suggested frequency: monthly 
Contact Person: Carolyn Handley
Phone: 0408 269 360 
Email: caro.ruc@gmail.com